Users's segments

Industrial and manufacturing premises

Industrial facilities are high energy consumers and have high requirements for flexibility and reliability. Therefore, we appear in different roles; either as primary devices operators or as subordinate managers of certain non-strategic processes, where high flexibility is required at a reasonable cost and reliable operation.



  • SCADA systems
    Step higher, where we start managing the system, energy and connected devices. Everything is simplified and displayed on the graphic interface. It includes automated management of connected devices based on pre-set schedules, other parameters and algorithms.
  • Energy Manager – personal advice
    Advice from a qualified person.
  • ESCO projects
    In partnership with a major player in the energy sector, where AMIBIT acts as a technology provider and technology partner.
  • Other solutions
    In order to adapt to specific customer demand, we have, in cooperation with customers who have specific knowledge and requirements, gradually began to expand our business and apply our technology to new areas of operation and offer them to new segments of users. Some examples are listed below. However, we are always open to new initiatives and cooperation.

Best practises


Aleš NastranCEO