Other solutions

In order to adapt to specific customer demand, we have, in cooperation with customers who have specific knowledge and requirements, gradually began to expand our business and apply our technology to new areas of operation and offer them to new segments of users. Some examples are listed below. However, we are always open to new initiatives and cooperation.

We provide the monitoring of the smooth operation of water and sewage pumping stations with a graphic presentation of the pumping station condition (SCADA) and alarming in the event of possible malfunctions or irregularities.
The system monitors and visualizes water consumption at a predefined interval (e.g. 15 minutes) and notifies you of certain anomalies in relation to your past consumption, so you can immediately identify any leaks and proceed with remediation.
Control and monitoring of the operation of individual production lines or processes up to the second level in connection with the ejection or production errors, has led to new solutions related to jobs in manufacture, measuring production efficiency, associated costs, and other aspects of human resource management.
Due to the innovation and development orientation of our company and the availability of interdisciplinary knowledge within the company, we are able to develop certain technological solutions for clients in the wider field of digital transformation in the area of technical and software solutions (hardware and software) outside our content orientation. Contact us for more information.

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