Users's segments

Service companies and business premises

User comfort / experience and the need to control the operation of various heating / cooling systems is generally of greatest importance in service companies and this is what our solutions can provide with micro-control to the level of specific rooms at very competitive prices and without major investments or infrastructure interventions.



  • Energy Bookkeeping
    The majority of solutions is of modular nature, with individual modules being added gradually, while the basis remains the same and does not need to be replaced when functionality is added.
  • Energy monitoring
    The first step to monitor the consumption of energy, key energy sources and water with associated costs and to control the operation of the system in real time.
  • Energy Management
    The highest level of monitoring and control of connected devices that we provide with the help of technology. It includes all previous functionalities of energy bookkeeping, monitoring and SCADA.
  • Energy Management by individual premises
    By individual premises is based on all previous technical solutions already included in the package.

Best practises