In order to get as close as possible to the needs and wishes of our customers regarding project financing, we’ve developed various business models. Customers can either buy or rent our solutions, and in certain cases we are also willing to share the risks with you.

Business models

In the classic purchase of solutions, the customer becomes the owner of solutions and equipment, and the company Amibit, within the maintenance contract and warranty periods, takes care of technical maintenance of equipment, system upgrades, system updates and its smooth operation.


AMIBIT is the first company in Slovenia to offer SAAS model for Energy Bookkeeping and Energy Monitoring. In this case, the costumer undertakes to hire Amibit’s solutions for a period of at least 3 years, while we take care of maintenance, equipment and upgrades. This allows you to focus on your work without interruption.


AMIBIT stays behind what it says! We prove it by being willing to share future risks related to energy savings for certain solutions. Contact us and find out more about these solutions!


Cooperation with AMIBIT

We offer in-depth cooperation to companies interested in our solutions and technology. Contact us for detailed information.

Partnership with AMIBIT

You can cooperate with us as our representative by selling of our solutions, where you will specialize in a specific region, country, industry or group of users, within which you will present Amibit’s solutions and products. You will be offered appropriate training, mentoring support from a specialized salesperson, an agency contract, appropriate promotional material, and technical equipment and a test environment to be shown to customers. Upon business realization, you will be rewarded in the appropriate % of the contractual amount of the value of the sale. We also have certain expectations from you regarding technical and commercial knowledge. Contact us for more information.


We can offer our solutions and technological innovations to market-oriented companies with an extensive customer network and a strong market position under certain conditions as part of a technological partnership as OEM services (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with their branding.


We are also willing to cooperate in a joint market presence with our brands as a provider of technology for more complex solutions, which may also fall outside the industries in which we currently operate. This also includes ESCO projects, where we can provide technology for monitoring, management and efficient use of energy.


A good opportunity to get to know and start such partnerships are joint tenders, both national and international, where we can act as a consortium partner or conditional applicant. In our team we have experts with rich references of leading or being partners of local and international projects. We also have our own research group.